Wifi 5 Và Wifi 6

(vodichtamquoc.vn) - We"ve come a long way from the early wireless routers introduced decades ago. Wi-Fi has gone from being high công nghệ to a commodity that"s almost everywhere.

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We"re now seeing a new generation of Wi-Fi devices launched. The different flavours of Wi-Fi have long had complicated names but, in an attempt khổng lồ remove confusion, the Wi-Fi Alliance has renamed the current, past và next-generation versions of Wi-Fi.

We"ll explain what’s happening & why it"ll be important for future wireless devices you"ll have in your home.


Why we"ve got new names for Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi standards you use in your trang chủ have been renamed and, as we mentioned, there’s a new name for the most recent Wi-Fi standard (802.11ax), which is called Wi-Fi 6.

Before now, wireless standards have been referred to a technical name - the name they were originally given by the IEEE, which is the organisation that defines networking standards.

Now the following will be used:

Wi-Fi 6 means 802.11ax giải pháp công nghệ - the new generation of Wi-Fi, present in many routers you can buy todayWi-Fi 5 means 802.11ac technology - effectively the previous generationWi-Fi 4 means 802.11n technology - many people will have networking gear based on 802.11n, but it was replaced by 802.11ac in many new routers from 2013 on.

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It"s worth noting that all the wireless standards referred khổng lồ here are backwards compatible. So your devices won"t suddenly stop working as Wi-Fi 6 becomes more common.

Essentially, the names are now easier khổng lồ understand. If you have a new router from the last couple of years, chances are it will tư vấn 802.11ac và older standards including 802.11n. Or, in the new nomenclature, it will tư vấn Wi-Fi 5 and 4.

There are also new graphics khổng lồ go with the three new names:

Wi-FI Alliance


Wi-Fi 6 and 6E have also been included in many recent mesh network systems. Meaning you can not only get faster & more reliable speeds but better coverage in your home too.

Of course, this extends lớn modern smartphones, laptops & high-end smart home products, too. In 2022, it"s unusual lớn find a brand new phone or máy tính that doesn"t have Wi-Fi 6 support.

Confusion from older packaging is still a small problem though. For example, some marketing materials promoting 802.11ac networking gear will still hotline it that rather than Wi-Fi 5, simply because spec sheets, products and packaging are already out there và won"t necessarily be updated for the new names.


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